Author: Noah Khan

Noah Khan, a leading crypto journalist, specializes in deciphering the intricate world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Known for his knack for simplifying complex topics, Noah's work provides readers with accessible insights into the latest trends and socio-economic impacts of decentralized technologies.

In a significant development, officials from the United States Department of Justice, Treasury, and CFTC revealed a comprehensive settlement totaling $4.3 billion with Binance and its CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao. The resolution includes a plea deal in which CZ will plead guilty to one felony charge, addressing both criminal and civil cases against the cryptocurrency exchange. During a press conference on November 21, Attorney General Merrick Garland disclosed that CZ personally entered his plea in a U.S. federal court, despite residing outside the country. The $4.3-billion settlement encompasses “civil regulatory enforcement actions” by various government departments, including the U.S. Treasury…

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